The Royal Botanic Garden: a beautiful and enlightening heritage!

The usual question: what can we do outside the city center when we don’t have a car?

The weather in Melbourne has been hot and pleasant so far, lucky us! I am pleased to feel the summertime is long and I continue to make outside visits. Last Saturday was another sunny day, so I was wondering what to do outside of the city center, to change air, but still easy to reach by public transports. Since I love visiting gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens appealed to me. I took my backpack and my camera, and let’s go!

Without any reasons, I imagined a small garden, where to relax on a spare time. My mistake! First, when I arrived at the main gate, I have checked the map indicating the visitors’ position and seen on it a huge park. So many things to have a look at! Not only I have discovered this place is verdant but also it gave me information about the evolution of Melbourne.

For nature lovers!

Indeed, the Royal Botanic Garden is:

– 38 hectares which earth up a variety of plants;

– more than Australian and non-natives 50,000 plants gathered together here;

– forming 31 collections according to their origin (the Australian long forest, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.)

In this way, the garden keeps this worldwide vegetation safe in educational, scientific, and conservationist aims, through its herbarium, which is the most valuable in Australia. I could see the different collections, including the trees, and I couldn’t help taking a picture each time I saw a colored one. Yeah, just a yellow or orange tree made me happy!

The Royal Botanic Garden

Such a yellow tree!

So, to take care of the plants, the maintenance of water is essential, and the staff is keen to sustain healthy landscapes, by recycling and filtering the storm- water. The Guilfoyle’s Volcano, a small one, had been renovating as a water reservoir. I can say the result is satisfactory and beautiful since I was charmed by the small lakes and the landscapes. It is reassuring to notice how much the garden protects the nature.

Director William Guilfoyle designed the garden in 1873.

His work included the volcano, to make a paradise garden!


How did the project of the garden emerge?

So, yes, I will remember the beauty of this place! However, I told you that it was rewarding about Melbourne’s progression as well!

The 19th century knew a gold rush in the country, so afterward, Melbourne had a prosperous period and grew up. To built the garden was to show this growth proudly, likewise for opening an astronomical observatory to make the city becoming a place of development and knowledge.

Melbourne’s observatory

Sliding domes and an opening roof!








Also, this observatory enabled to account the exactly local time and used to telegraph it to a real clock at the busy Bourke Street.


The Pukeko

To conclude, this picture of a Pukeko which I have met in the park is just for my pleasure! It is nice to see this bird from New Zealand again.





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