My favourite moment of my first Australian White Night!

Last 18th February 2017, a friend of mine and I went outside to explore the 5th White Night the city of Melbourne had organized, which was a success. Many programs were proposed, which enabled artists to make performances and the crowd to discover the life night of Melbourne. Also, as in summertime, the weather was warm enough to walk around and appreciate the shows!

Discovery of a new place

I obviously couldn’t see all 120 installations, but I daresay I was impressed and kept a beautiful memory of the sound and light show Rhythms of the Night, projected on the Royal Exhibition Building. Because of this event, I took more time to have a look at this museum, conceived for the Melbourne’s first International Exhibition in 1880. It has been one of the oldest exhibition pavilions we can visit, embodying the late-19th century which had been prosperous for the city. Surrounded by the Carlton Gardens and accompanied of a fountain, in front of the main entrance, the place was charming and perfect to appreciate the projection which was taking the building along.

The Carlton’s Gardens

The main entrance of the Royal Exhibition Building

The monument transformed for… the sound and light show!

Indeed, when we had arrived at the park and started to go along the path crossing the gardens to lead to the Royal Exhibition Building, we caught sight on a few pictures and a schemer instrumental music. We approached to discover a topic treating about the dream. I recognized the fear, the mystery, the sea life, the absurdity, the time, the magic… and others in the sceneries. The musical accompany was changing in the same way than the pictures. Impressive show what public cheered after each session!


More information about the Royal Exhibition Building here.

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