Three places which made me attached to Melbourne

Even in travelling, a backpacker can appreciate to settle a routine

After having lived five months in Melbourne, I continued my way and took a plane to Darwin, where I discovered another kind of Australian sight. However, I want to talk briefly about Melbourne, before to turn the page. Even if I am excited to keep travelling, I think that was great to have spent the summer in this city. Although the purpose is always to discover new places, some of them took part in my routine.

To enjoy a restaurant I used to go to… Lentil As Anything

Have an amazing meal in Lentil As Anything, Melbourne

Lentil As Anything is a restaurant which was presented to me as soon as I arrived in Melbourne and afterward, I went back regularly to there.  Its particular feature? It is a not-for-profit organisation, what means donations only finance it. Just pay the amount you can afford to give! The menu of breakfast and dinner, also the lunch buffet: my friends and I tasted everything! Of course, we ordered some hot drinks such as the flat white and the chai latte, some coffee or tea we don’t know in Europe while they are so popular in Australia and New Zealand.

We were all time well-welcomed by the volunteers. Indeed, the whole team, from the kitchen to the wait staff, is composed of people from different nationalities, using their spare time to make customers having the most pleasant moment! I was myself involved as a volunteer for a few times, to take orders or as a coffee runner. Supported by a friendly team, I had interesting conversations. One of them, who was born and grew up in Australia, expressed a love for his country but he could have some critics too, believing that Europe was peaceful.

Located in an ancient convent and its park, in the Abbotsford suburb, going to Lentil enabled us to escape the mob of the city center. We enjoyed walking around the farm and the river next to the restaurant. Such a holiday atmosphere!

Sunny day at the convent of Abbostford, suburb of Melbourne

On Wednesday night I used to go to… the Night Queen Victoria Market

I also used to go to the Night Queen Victoria Market which took place every Wednesday from November to the end of March. We were plentiful to get there since the large selection of food and souvenirs stands as well as the concerts made each time the event crowded with people, joyful and resounding! I had the habit of eating a Pavlova, a dessert from New Zealand and Australia which mixes meringue with cream, and usually accompanied by some pieces of fruits.

The Night Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia                                               Taste this Australian dessert, the Pavlova!

Finally, I, of course, couldn’t help buying a few second-hand books to an individual. The market is also open for the day, for selling vegetables, fruits, and others, with lower prices than in the supermarket.

Summertime in Night Queen Victoria Market 2016-2017, Melbourne

Being an open market in the city center, visitors and residents were up for a sharing moment in a terrace. One of my regular summertime meetings!

To have a walk I used to go to… the Docklands

Finally, I enjoyed walking along the Docklands, even if I didn’t do as often as the last two habits I talk about above. However, having occupied an apartment close to this place, that was easy to reach. Relatively new area, trendy shops, and restaurants opened there. Also, like the rest of the city, the council tries its best to make this place the most attractive as possible, getting artists’ works seen by the public, organising activities or having installed clear paths intended to bike riders. Nevertheless, it appealed to me because of the view on the port, and when you turn around you also see the city center by far. In my opinion, it is the best spot to gaze at the sunset, walking by the seaside and while I was not far from home.

Nice view from the Docklands in Melbourne, Australia           Arty sunset at the Docklands, Melbourne

Melbourne offers those three amazing places and much more others!

Melbourne is an attractive, dynamic and charming city where many places deserve to be discovered, in the center as well as in the suburbs. Those three sites I mentioned might appeal to you. In my case, they delighted my time!

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