A quick preview of my journey!


I am pleased to share my trip with you, which had started in December 2015 when I left my country, France, to go to New Zealand. And after one year, how is it going?

View from Devonport  View on Auckland center from Devonport Island

What happened to me?

To have spent a year in New Zealand enabled me to naturally speak another language, to meet different cultures and people from several parts of the world, to see animals which are not common to see in Europe, to taste another diet, to wear a new fashion or to appreciate many landscapes. My trip would be described mainly by the words “new” and “other”!

 Dolphins met during a diving weekend in North Island, New Zealand

Did my journey make me change?

Sure, it probably made me change as well! I got new habits or goals, and new desires. But I didn’t expect it will make me ponder about my culture: for example, I admit that I wondered why we are becoming fewer believers while the religious is still so important in others countries. Also, I think that to have disagreed with foreigners about some behaviors reflected our education and our view of the life. While I have been traveling, I had curiously started activities that I didn’t use to do much when I was home: to listen to French music, to cook French toasts and to keep getting information about the political situation, all the more so as the presidential election is coming pretty soon.
However, some things don’t change at all such as the love of reading and writing, and unfortunately, the French accent is still so high!!!

Was everything awesome?

Some awkward moments could be lived as a humiliation because of a misunderstanding, what was finally rubbed out the next day, just remembering my stay had predominantly beautiful moments. I greatly advise to the new travelers not to feel ashamed to make mistakes or if native people of the country you are visiting look so impatient (what was so rare regarding me) and not to give up, but just keep thinking how much enthralling it is to learn another language.


So, that is a quick preview of my trip, but I can say many reasons motivated me to travel again and I am now living in Australia, settled in the attractive city of Melbourne for a few months.

 View from the Prince’s Bridge in the city center of Melbourne

Indeed, the time is fast! I am planning to talk about my next discoveries but also to come back sometime in the past to describe what I lived in New Zealand.

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